Professional Philosophy

Dr Kubicka – Principles of Practice:

There are a few key principles at the heart of Dr Barbara Kubicka’s practice. These are what makes her special and what gives her patients the results they are looking for.

These statements reflect Dr Kubicka’s personal mission statement:

  • Using the mantra ‘the result you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you put in’ I am committed to give the best possible service
    • Dr Barbara Kubicka will always go the extra mile to give her patients satisfaction
  • Passionate not only about medicine but also art, I always yearned to combine them in my work…  Studying and Practising Aesthetic Medicine has allowed me to do this.
    • Dr Kubicka’s keen appreciation of aesthetics, combined with her technical skill and medical training, are at the heart of the results she is able to achieve
  • I believe that by improving people’s appearance you enhance their self esteem.  
    • Dr Kubicka has seen how a simple cosmetic treatment can influence a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that they look fresh and well simply gives her patients a boost
  • Beauty is a very subjective value, but charm and confidence is recognised and admired by everyone.
    • Knowing you look better so often makes people feel better, so they simply smile more and radiate an inner confidence that people can see
  • My vision is to use my skills to bring out the best in my clients by embracing challenges and exploring new solutions.
    • Dr Kubicka is at the forefront of the cosmetic and medical treatments industry, working with top manufacturers and pioneering her own unique combinations of treatment
    • Dr Kubicka has personally invented treatments including “Eyedealise” eye rejuvenation treatment and the new “Neck and Jawline Programme

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Dr Barbara Kubicka, MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM