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Inspire Travel: Instant Youth, World’s Most Acclaimed Cosmetic Surgeons

inspire travel

The latest feature in “Inspire Travel” features Dr Barbara Kubicka’s unique Neck and Jawline Programme. Their “Instant Youth” article, explains how patients can take years off their appearance with quick, non-invasive procedures done by the world’s most acclaimed cosmetic surgeons, billing Dr Kubicka as a Celebrity Surgeon. Neck & Jawline Programme: The unique, targeted programme is […]

Article: Kensington and Chelsea Today

Kensington and chelsea today cover

Dr Barbara Kubicka features in the May edition of Kensington and Chelsea Today.  As a “rising star of aesthetic medicine”, with extensive experience in wrinkle injections, fillers and peels, Dr Kubicka is also known for developing her own treatments such as Eyedealise and the Neck and Jawline Programme. Summer Skin Tips Dr Kubicka was invited […]

Vogue Magazine: Pit Work


April 2012, Feature on Underarm Beauty Vogue Magazine explore the issue of underarms. As we start to peel off our winter layers, many of us reveal neglected skin. Vogue Article   Due to the harsh processes involved in hair removal (shaving or waxing for most of us) combined with the corrosive effects of natural sweat […]

Epicurean Life Magazine: Mesotherapy, Myth or Panacea


The latest edition of Epicurean Life, features a full page article on Mesotherapy, which is described as “A brilliant cocktail of vitamins A, C, D and hyaluronic acid delivered to thirsty skin through a series of injections with a 1.3cm needle, expertly wielded in Dr Kubicka’s deft hands.”

As Seen in Vogue – A Cure for Excess Sweating!

Vogue Magazine, October 2011, looks at the condition of hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating.  The article explores the problem and looks at solutions. EVERYBODY sweats, it’s a natural function and the body’s way of getting rid of heat.  However, most of the adult population would recognise that when we are stressed, hot or busy; that […]

Body Politics: Body Fillers

Your Style Beauty explores the growing use of dermal fillers to smooth away body issues. Dr Barbara Kubicka uses Restylane Vital fillers to smooth out hands, feet and stretch marks in her exclusive practice.   View full size article.

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Q Med Faculty: Rising Star

Barbara is a fully accredited aesthetic medicine physician on the GMC register. She is currently Medical Director at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic, and runs clinics at the Medispa in Urban Retreat, Harrods and the Skin Health Spa in London. Barbara is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading experts in non-surgical […]

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The Future of Beauty is Here: Restylane

Restylane fillers

Restylane fillers offer pioneering technology in the battle to turn back the years A range of specialist dermal fillers, based on naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, are available to add volume which is naturally lost with age, for a smoother younger looking complexion. Dr Barbara Kubicka works closely with Restylane on new developments and has been billed […]

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