Cheeky Cheryl Cole’s ‘Trout Pout’ Lips

A recent photograph of Cheryl Cole depicted her sporting rubbery lips and over-sized glasses, making us wonder if the Geordie starlet has spent too long in the Los Angeles bubble.

Cheryl, who has always maintained her sense of fun, had clearly tried to dupe us all. She had bought the smackers from an old-fashioned joke shop, and added the sunglasses to really set the outfit off. The dropped X Factor USA judge had published the photo herself, and after it appeared on Twitter to the hilarity of her fans, Metro Online was quick to pick it up. She teased, ‘I think we’ve been in LA too long…LMHO!! [laughing my head off].’

Cheryl’s clearly not impressed with the malpractice of dermal lip fillers overseas, where the ‘trout pout’ makes an all-too-common appearance. Indeed, a bad experience with dermal lip fillers is the tell-tale sign of bad cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t matter where you look: Pete Burns, famous for ‘You Spin Me Round’ with Dead or Alive; Donatella Versace, sister of the late famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace; or Jackie Stallone, Hollywood actress and Sylvester Stallone’s mother. They’ve all had bad fillers, and they all look like a bride fit for Frankenstein.

So what makes a dermal lip filler bad? Well, first it’s worth saying that there’s nothing wrong with the treatment itself per se. Unfortunately there are a number of reasons why some celebs appear to have drawn the short stick: it could be a cowboy practitioner, eager to drain them of money without sparing a thought for the finished look, or it could be their personal addiction to having more and more work done. The fact is, these factors often go hand-in-hand. For every bad experience that a celebrity might have with treatment, there will be another surgeon following in their wake eager to rectify the initial ‘mistake’.

There’s no shortage of shocking celeb examples to demonstrate how not to go about enhancing your lips.  Avoid emulating their look at all costs and you should do all right.

A full and sensuous mouth is pretty high on all of our wish lists, but all it takes to achieve this is a small amount of natural hyaluronic filler. These are non-permanent and safe dermal fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane, all of which will give a more subtle and natural look to your pout. You decide how subtle or obvious you want your new beak to appear.

Dr Barbara Kubicka sees many regular patients for subtle, natural-looking yet beautiful lip enhancement treatment in her Belgravia clinic.