Choosing A Cosmetic Treatments Provider

Dr KubickaChoosing a cosmetic treatments provider is no easy decision to make.

There are hundreds of practitioners out there, each proclaiming their accomplishments. There are reviews, guides and even comparison websites – the cosmetic industry’s a complicated business. But choosing a treatments provider isn’t simply about lists of names and prices – it isn’t even about reading reviews. You need to watch out for ‘cowboy’ practitioners, and be savvy about the resources you find.

One thing’s for certain – when it comes to the cosmetic industry, you want the very best.

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, CIME/ICAM, BACDD is one of the best Aesthetic Medicine Doctors in the UK. Having completed her medical qualifications at Warsaw Medical, she completed a further two years study in Aesthetic Medicine at the acclaimed College de International de Medicine Esthetique. After leaving Paris, Dr. Kubicka went on to practice Aesthetic Medicine with a variety of world-renowned companies, including such great names as Harrods, before she opened her own clinic in Belgravia.

Dr. Kubicka’s career has gone from strength to strength. Why? Because although she’s a qualified treatments provider, her clinic isn’t simply about listing credentials. Dr. Kubicka has a unique appreciation of facial aesthetics too, and listens to her clients’ needs and desires. A treatments provider can have the all-important qualifications and then some, but treating each client as an individual is essential.

Whether a patient wants anti-wrinkle injections (such as botox), chemical peels or laser treatments, Dr. Kubicka endeavours to combine expert advice with care. She will prioritise your expectations, and tailor a treatment to your specific requirements. Aesthetic medicine is a form of art, but people are not mere objects to be played with.

This is important to remember when choosing a cosmetic treatments provider. Check qualifications, ensure credentials and do your research thoroughly: these are imperative stages to follow when reaching a decision.

Choose a provider with passion and care, and you’ll achieve the results you desire.