Cutting-Edge Treatments Make Surgery a Thing of the Past

Cosmetic_surgeryCelebrities and the media would have us believe that cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever.

Well, it is – but what they don’t tell us is how it’s the state-of-the-art treatments that don’t require surgery that are really gaining momentum at the moment.

Surgery can be costly, painful and often involves a long recovery period; why opt for that, when you can avoid going under the knife at all?

Treatments in the USA

Some of the very latest non-surgical treatments can come with the sort of hefty price tag that makes them seem unattainable to most people – Dr. Doug Steinbrech, a New York-based specialist, performs non-invasive facelifts with a special skin-tightening device for $35,000.

Compared to that, the $11,000 it could cost to have a day of facial re-sculpting using lasers and ultrasound looks like a bargain. The treatment includes ultrasound, fillers, Botox and laser-smoothing, for an effective and comprehensive solution to ageing.

Another popular course of non-surgical treatment is Lipsonix – a non-surgical form of liposuction. Lipsonix uses ‘high-density focus ultrasound’ to heat up and melt fat. An obvious benefit of this kind of treatment is that it won’t leave any unsightly scars behind, which is a very real risk with many cosmetic surgery procedures.

UK Non-Surgical Treatments

You don’t have to travel to the USA to see the latest non-surgical treatments in action.

Aesthetic Medicine Doctors in the UK offer non-surgical treatments too, offering patients the chance to look younger and fresher without the need for surgery.

Dr. Barbara Kubicka, a top Aesthetic Medicine Doctor based in London, is at the forefront of the latest developments. In her Belgravia practice, she offers a range of procedures in addition to popular Botox and dermal fillers.

She also develops her own exclusive treatments to tackle the most difficult challenges, such as “Eyedealise” eye rejuvenation and the revolutionary “Neck and Jawline Programme”. In addition, she offers new treatments such as PDT (photo dynamic therapy) for a wide variety of conditions.

Dr Kubicka offers confidential consultations. For further information, call 0207 352 6803 or email