Tackling Dark Circles Under the Eyes

EyedealiseDark circles under the eyes may seem like a problem that’s destined to plague womankind (and mankind too) for all eternity.

They can certainly be tricky to get rid of, but that doesn’t make it an impossible job. Here are a couple of simple tips and suggestions that’ll help you make dark circles a thing of the past.

Why do Dark Circles Appear?

First, it’s good to understand what actually causes those pesky circles. Dermatologists agree that the darkening is caused by the thinning of the skin around the eyes as we get older, but there are ways to both ease and prevent this darkening.

Avoiding Dark Circles and Eye Bags

One of the biggest causes of dark circles and eye bags under the eyes is sun damage – which is why dermatologists point out that when applying sun cream, we should be sure to apply at least SPF15 under the eyes while we’re at it.

As usual, the normal health guidelines apply here just as much as anywhere else.

  • Stop or cut back on smoking
  • Try to eat well
  • Keep your stress levels low
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink lots of water

This won’t make the problem go away, but you’d be surprised how much it can help to ease those dark circles.

Treatments to Brighten the Eyes – “New Eyedealise”

Eye creams will help to a certain extent, both medically and cosmetically, by keeping the area underneath your eyes well moisturised and plumped. However, they are of limited benefit, so for more drastic results you may have to seek professional help. However, with the latest cosmetic treatment, there’s no need to rush for surgery.

One particular course of eye rejuvenation treatment worth looking at is Dr. Barbara Kubicka’s revolutionary ‘Eyedealise’ treatment, a non-surgical way to revitalise the entire eye area, part of which includes reducing and removing unsightly dark circles from underneath the eyes by expertly combining a host of cosmetic treatments including botox injections, fillers, mesotherapy and eyelash growth stimulation treatment.

If you still find those dark hollows or eyebags to be a nuisance and suffer with people asking if you are tired because of the appearance of your eyes, Eyedealise can be a simple and non-invasive option.

Eyedealise treatment is exclusive to its creator, Dr Barbara Kubicka.

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