Cosmetic Surgery – Don’t Compromise on Quality

botoxThe UK’s largest discount website has revealed shocking statistics. Since last year, searches for ‘cheap breast implants’ have risen by 203% while ‘cheap botox’ is up 176%. Yes, it makes sense to search for cheap flights, cheap cars and cheap insurance quotes – but medical treatments? Put simply, it’s dangerous.

A spokesperson for the website MyVoucherCodes described how searches for ‘cosmetic surgery discounts’ had also risen four-fold, while ‘discounted nose jobs’ and ‘deals on liposuction’ had similarly risen.

So why are consumers bargain-hunting?

In short, they’re doing so because surgery and cosmetic treatments are expensive items, but they are expensive for a reason, it should be noted. When you choose to undergo a procedure – whether it’s a breast enhancement, buttock lift, fillers or botox – you put your life in another person’s hands.

That person should be a qualified professional, and boast the right credentials that should go some way towards reassuring you as a patient. But that practitioner should also care about you – your appearance, your safety and your satisfaction.

Too many companies simply treat each patient as just another job to be ticked off. You might be happy with the results straight away, and you may be overjoyed by the price. But at some point in the future, you may find yourself regretting the surgery you chose – the recent PIP implant scare is just one example.

What to look for

Instead of looking for the cheapest price, always go for quality and care. Talk to prospective clinics and their doctors/surgeons, and make sure you have faith in their passion and care.

Dr. Barbara Kubicka is one such practitioner – as an experienced aesthetic doctor, she doesn’t simply list treatments and prices. Her success has gone from strength to strength because she’s an expert authority on facial aesthetics. Dr. Kubicka listens to her clients, and tailors procedures to their needs and desires.

Next time you’re thinking of having a procedure or treatment, make sure you look for the right doctor. The chances are, if they pop up after you’ve searched for the words ‘cheap’, ‘discount’, or ‘bargain’, they do not have your interests at heart.

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