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Dr Barbara Kubicka in Healthista


Renowned Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka’s personal passion for motor-racing featured this week on the Healthista website

Healthista is a web-based channel for women, with news, features and up to date advice on health, beauty and fitness from a variety of expert sources.

The Doctor who Doubles as a Motor Racing Driver

Dr Barbara Kubicka is an Aesthetic Medicine Physician, but when the day job is done she wheel spins into a petrol-fuelled world of intense training and high-speed racing.

From ensuring her lipstick could stand the test of time around the circuit and her nail polish matched the car, Dr Kubicka has approached her sporting passion with a sense of femininity that’s helped her overcome the stereotypes attached to motor racing.

Dr. Barbara Kubicka is the only woman competing in this year’s Ginetta GT5 Challenge.

Always a keen petrol-head, she started driving at 17 and racing straightaway. However, after 7 years as a co-driver she was left with a severe spinal injury requiring over 6 months of recovery.

She said:

‘It took me six years to slowly build my confidence to get on the track again.’

‘The training to get back into it was quite interesting. You learn a lot about yourself. I love a challenge.’

Asked how she felt returning to racing as the only female in the Challenge, she said:

‘I was intimidated and felt terrified. With the accident I wanted to choose the right competition to start back in racing again. I narrowed it down to just two championships, and then chose to go with GT5,’ 

‘If I had known it was going to be all male competitors I don’t think I would have put myself forward, so I was overwhelmed when I found out.’

Yet despite the competition, her newness to racing at this level and the sexist comments she has received, Barbara remains undeterred, saying:

‘It is time for women to do it our way. Yes we are different to men, we have a different set of skills, but they are not worse or better, we just utilise them in our own way…’

‘The more you hear sexist remarks about women racing you start to believe them and it is very difficult to stand up and say no, actually I can do this,’

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