Is Spinach the Key to Halting the Anti-Ageing Process?

It’s not just for Popeye, modern research has proven the anti-ageing properties of spinach, particularly in terms of age-related mental decline, age related organ decline, and age related degeneration.

According to the 1998 study by Tufts University, it seems that so long as you know how, you really can grow old gracefully.  This particular study has shown that certain foods, such as spinach, are beneficial in the ageing process, in terms of the central nervous system and various different behavioural deficits. These findings are backed up by two similar studies in relation ageing, conducted by the University of South Florida Center, which showed similar results.

With many believing that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is the key to youthful skin, there is clearly a lot that can be said about it.

Many people are lucky enough to look a lot younger than they actually are, mainly as a result of eating healthily and exercising regularly, while others look good simply as a result of their genes.

Yet probably the majority of us would prefer to look a little younger and fresher and may feel that no amount of spinach will do the trick…

However, wrinkles and crows feet can also be tackled cosmetically, by choosing to have BOTOX® or dermal fillers, for example. BOTOX® can work wonders for the skin, helping it to look as young as it possibly can through the administration of small injections into the face.

Costing around £250 for one area of BOTOX® Dr Barbara Kubicka’s exclusive Aesthetic Medicine clinic in Belgravia has an excellent reputation for natural-looking anti-ageing cosmetic treatments.

For individual advice, consultations are always had beforehand, where the patient and Dr Barbara Kubicka will agree on the best treatment plan to restore the patient’s skin to the younger, brighter complexion it once was.