“Look Good, Feel Great” – Beauty More than Skin Deep


Treating Inner and Outer Beauty

As an experienced aesthetic medicine doctor and practitioner, Dr Kubicka firmly believes that “beauty” is more than skin deep.

Seeing patients take care of their appearances, Dr Kubicka firmly believes that improving and maintaining their skin influences how patients feel, boosting confidence and self-esteem very powerfully, a concept she calls “Look good, feel great“.

Beauty is about poise and confidence as much as appearance. With her patient’s well-being at the forefront, Dr Kubicka has now joined forces with Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist Richard Sherry to offer her patients a holistic service.

The two will be working closely together offering a unique approach to “inner and outer beauty”, treating the patient as a whole.

“Look Good, Feel Great” Workshop

Plans are already underway for a ground-breaking patient workshop, examining the issues around appearance and well-being. The course will include exploration of the issues surrounding beauty, self-esteem and confidence; for example:

  • What is an outer beauty? How do we understand it, who would like to be beautiful, who do we think of as beautiful and why
  • Ultimate human being – beauty inside out – considering the influence of appearance, attitude, achievement and environment on our perceptions and self-perceptions
  • Brain development process – and the influence of trauma
  • Double layer healing process – outer and inner, positivity and proactivity
  • Psychometric testing – “more than beautiful” personal profiling
  • Cosmetic treatments – the role of “outer beauty”
Discussions promise to be fascinating, while there will also be opportunity for more private discussion if required.


Patients preferring an entirely confidential approach can arrange an appointment in confidence with Dr Kubicka, in her prestigious Belgravia clinic for an informal discussion about how the “inner and outer beauty” concept could help them.

For more information, please call us on 0207 352 6803 or email us on drb@drbarbarakubicka.co.uk to discuss how we can help.