Madonna Photos Spark Interest in Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Hand rejuvenation treatmentEver since photos of Madonna were revealed back in January, the media have been fascinated with the state of her hands. While Madonna is super-fit and looks much younger than her real age, her hands have been snapped looking somewhat less youthful. Madonna has even taken to wearing gloves more. 

This issue has simply raised awareness of the fact that unfortunately, our hands are quite prone to showing the signs of ageing. Firstly, they are exposed nearly all the time, taking the full force of the elements year round with very little protection. In addition, for most of us, our hands are additionally in contact with a range of harsh chemicals from furniture polish to bathroom cleaner, washing up to bleach. Finally, our hands are busy all the time!

With age, the delicate hand skin tends to become thinner and the skin dryer, exacerbating the aged appearance.

However, with the latest advances in cosmetic treatment technology, treatments are now available, as revealed by the Daily Mail this week.

Hand Rejuvenation with Dr Barbara Kubicka

Dr Barbara Kubicka offers hand rejuvenation therapy in her exclusive Belgravia clinic. A range of treatments are available to add volume to the hands and improve the condition of the skin.

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