New “Eyedealise” treatment – exclusive to Dr Barbara Kubicka

EyedealiseIf you’re feeling tired during these wintry months, or still feel that excessive partying have left you looking a little less than fresh, why not try out the new eyedealise eye rejuvenation treatment, exclusive to Barbara Kubicka?

Eyes show health and vitality, which is why the eyedealise treatment is such a sought-after treatment for patients who want bright, appealing eyes. Creating alert, fresh eyes, the eye rejuvenation treatment will rid you of the common effects of ageing, helping you to look youthful again.

The eyes are quick to show age and fatigue due to the area being so delicate.  However, this exclusive eye treatment offered to you by Barbara Kubicka will help not only help the appearance of your crows feet and wrinkles, but it’ll also help the appearance of your dark circles, droopy eyelids and laughter lines, too.  It can even tackle hollow areas or bags beneath the eyes, both in terms of skin texture and discolouration.

This unique and exclusive treatment that’s on the market rejuvenates the eye area in a non-surgical way, delivering impressive, lasting results, with a tailor-made treatment plan for each patient, in order to tackle the eye area. Each Eyedealise treatment plan will include a specially combined selection of different Eyedealise options available to patients; which may include dermal fillers to eradicate deep lines, botox injections to erase fine lines, and even eyelash growth stimulation treatment to promote thicker and longer lashes to add extra sparkle and finish the treatment off.  There really is the ideal eye rejuvenation treatment for every patient.

Dr Barbara Kubicka is known as one of the best Aesthetic medicine doctors in the UK, even being featured in Vogue Magazine. With her success based on an appreciation of facial aesthetics combined with an ever-increasing amount of medical knowledge and technical expertise, she’s the ideal woman to help transform your eyes so they feel years younger.

With extensive experience in the area of cosmetic medicine treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels and dermaroller procedures, Dr Barbara Kubicka is always looking into how she can achieve the very best results for her patients, whether it be looking into new anti-ageing treatments or researching into a recently launched product. Working closely with top manufacturers she’s often consulted on new treatments and products for her expertise.  Being ahead of the industry means that she always provides her patients with the very best service.