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New Non-Surgical Laser Lipo

laser lipoAlways at the forefront of technology, Dr Barbara Kubicka has announced her latest investment in laser lipolysis technology.

This advanced equipment offers a range of body toning and shaping treatments for her patients in Knightsbridge. As well as fat-busting, the system chosen also offers cellulite smoothing, body shaping and improvements to stretchmarks.

Dr Kubicka has chosen the new i-LipoXcell system which offers results similar to liposuction using much safer options. The i-LipoXcell machine combines 3 distinct technologies for maximum impact:

  1. dual-wave length low-level lasers work to treat stubborn fatty areas fat build up by stimulating the body’s natural fat-burning process
  2. vacuum massage for cellulite 
  3. radio-frequency for intensive treatment and improvements to cellulite and skin

I-Lipo is called “The Intelligent Alternative to Liposuction” and there are a number of reasons why. 

Firstly, as a non-surgical approach, laser lipo is of course much cheaper than surgery with a session of treatment priced at just £220 rather than several thousand.

In addition, i-Lipo is a much safer procedure, as it avoids the need for anaesthetic (which in itself carries a number of known risks).

Finally, it is not painful and has fast recovery with no scarring. In fact, the process actually improves the surface of the skin, whereas surgery will leave scars forever. 

Aesthetic Treatments, London

Dr Barbara Kubicka‘s own unique Clinicbe is based in Knightsbridge offers a comprehensive range of anti-ageing and medical skin treatments for men and women who live and work in West London, including Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Sloane Square, Chelsea and Mayfair and even attracts patients from overseas.

Popular treatments include botox injections and dermal fillers, but the clinic are known for unique combination treatments including Dr Kubicka’s own “Eyedealise” treatment, which targets the delicate eye area and the Neck and Jawline Programme.

To learn more, please contact us to arrange a  private consultation to discuss your requirements in confidence and without obligation. It’s an excellent opportunity to benefit from expert advice on skincare, whatever your area of concern.

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