Revolutionary “Eyedealise” Treatment is a Sight for Sore Eyes

dr_kubickaRenowned London-based Aesthetic Medicine Physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka, has launched a revolutionary new cosmetic treatment aimed at rejuvenating and refreshing the delicate and difficult eye area.

The eyes truly are the window to the soul and deeply linked to the fundamentals of human psychology.  Bright, sparkly eyes are an attractive sign of health and vitality; while tired-looking, droopy, down-turned or hollow eyes can not only be ageing, but can also subliminally communicate a range of negative connotations.

Responding to the challenge of patients wanting to look alert and attractive, pioneering cosmetic treatments doctor Dr Barbara Kubicka has created a unique treatment plan to rejuvenate the eye area.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains: “I was seeing a number of patients who were frustrated that more than any other facial feature, their eyes made them appear older or more tired than they really were.  Some were even considering surgery.”

“However, there is no need for people to risk going under the knife when the right combination of cosmetic treatments can offer a safer, cheaper and highly effective non-surgical alternative.”

“Eyedealise” Exclusive Eye Refreshment and Rejuvenation Treatment

Dr Barbara Kubicka’s revolutionary “Eyedealise Treatment” skilfully blends a number of treatment options in order to revitalise the full eye area.

The exact combination of treatments is custom-made for each patient’s very individual requirements.  However, it could include the use of dermal fillers to tackle deep lines or restore lost volume (e.g. hollows below the eyes) together with mesotherapy to rehydrate and revitalise the skin from within, improving it’s texture, quality and strength.  If required, anti-wrinkle injections are used to gently erase crow’s feet or laughter lines.  For the finishing touches, a specialist doctor-supervised eyelash growth stimulation treatment is used, to promote thicker, longer, stronger lashes and really make the eye area come alive.

Dr Kubicka continues: “The exact treatment plan is bespoke to the patient’s needs, so the starting point is to understand their specific concerns as these can differ very widely.  Problems may include dark circles, hollows under or around the eyes leaving a gaunt appearance, crow’s feet and laughter lines, heavy droopy eyelids or lower, saggy eyebrows.  Once we have established the problems, I can define the underlying physiological changes beneath them and put together a suitable treatment plan for my patient.” 

“The results of the Eyedealise eye rejuvenation treatment are amazingly natural and can bring back more youthful, sparkly, open and attractive eyes. Patients cannot believe that this is possible without surgery, but it is!”

More About Dr Kubicka

Dr Barbara Kubicka’s success is based on a unique blend of medical skill, knowledge and expertise; combined with a fine appreciation of facial aesthetics and a desire to help people to improve their appearances in a naturally beautiful way without surgery.  Her many years experience and ability to listen to her patients mean that she has an unusually level of empathy with what patient’s really want.

Dr Kubicka’s new clinic is based at 9a Halkin Street, Belgravia, London and offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, peels, mesotherapy and Dermaroller.  Dr Barbara Kubicka also offers treatment for medical conditions such as Hyperhidrosis, Hyperpigmentation and thread veins.

Dr Kubicka completed medical qualifications at Warsaw Medical, before completing a 2-year post-graduate course in Aesthetic Medicine at the world-renowned College de International de Medicine Esthetique in Paris.  She practiced Aesthetic Medicine for a number of years, including a successful practice within Harrods, before opening her own clinic in the heart of Belgravia.

For a confidential consultation with Dr Kubicka, call 0207 352 6803 or use this contact page.