The Social Impact of Skin Disease

Dr Barbara Kubicka, Haiti Expedition

Dr Barbara Kubicka, back row, 2nd from right

Leading skin treatments doctor, Dr Barbara Kubicka, has just returned from a Medical Aid Expedition to Haiti. 

Although the group treated a variety of medical conditions, as a skincare expert, one of the key things to strike Dr Barbara Kubicka was the prevalence of skin disease and the profound impact that it can have.

In a country where most Haitians do not have running water, a toilet or access to a doctor, it is unsurprising that a variety of skin diseases have spread rapidly, affecting children and adults alike.

However, the team were moved to learn from their patients how skin disease can affect their lives socially. As well as having to live with the physical symptoms, such as itching, pain, discharge or bleeding; skin disease carries a social stigma too.  People with obvious signs of disease are marginalised within the society – children are left out of games, even shunned by their family. Adults find it hard to  be accepted by their peers and have diminished prospects for work or marriage, impacting heavily on their self-esteem.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explained: “Even in my skin treatments clinic in the UK, many patients describe how skin conditions affect their confidence and self-esteem. People with acne, threadveins or hyperhidrosis for example find that those around them make judgements based on their appearance. Their self-belief can be massively boosted when we are able to treat their condition.”

“In Haiti, the same applies, yet the severity of skin conditions and social repercussions are amplified. That’s why it was very rewarding to be able to offer treatment to the Haitian people that visited us. It is only the tip of the iceberg – there are still half a million people living in tents and camps, so the scale of need is immense. However, our team will be returning to Haiti and every small action is a step in the right direction.”

The group, including doctors, nurses and medical professionals, treated over 1,000 people in their first trip and plan to return later this  year. 

Medical Aid Team Photos from Haiti

Dr Kubicka, Aesthetic Medicine Physician

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Dr Barbara Kubicka also offers treatment for medical conditions such as Hyperhidrosis, Hyperpigmentation and thread veins.

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