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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is surprisingly common – it is thought to occur in 80-90% of adult females.

It is not a medical condition and is completely harmless.  However, its appearance can be cosmetically unsatisfactory and many women seek to reduce it.

Cellulite is characterised by “dimpling” of the fatty areas, commonly seen on the buttocks, flanks and thighs.  It occurs when the structure of fat changes beneath the skin and within the connective tissues; so that the appearance of the skin is less smooth.

Women try many treatments for cellulite, including diet, exercise, cream and massage; but the condition can be very hard to shift, especially where it is hormonal or hereditary.

Dr Barbara Kubicka offers a very effective cellulite treatment using the Dermaroller®.

Intensive skin needling with high-grade titanium body roller stimulates the tissues to regenerate and heal, also boosting the production of collagen for a smoother replenished appearance.

Cellulite responds very well to dermaroller® treatment.

A course of 3 treatments is normally recommended for best results.