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Pure Light Acne Treatment

acne_treatmentNEW Lustre Blue Light Technology

Lustre Pure Light is a brand new system developed by leading dermatologists and tested by healthcare professionals. This technology has been clinically proven to treat spots and acne while also being gentle on skin.

About Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition, affecting 80% of people at some point in their life. It is caused by the body’s immune system creating an inflammatory response to bacteria that lives in the skin called P.acnes.

P.acnes grow predominantly in sebaceous glands, which produce oil called sebum. Traditional acne treatments work by cleaning the skin and clearing away excess sebum to help reduce the growth of the bacteria. Antibiotics can be used to help to kill the bacteria, however these may have side effects and bacteria can become resistant in the long term.

Introducing Pure Light Treatment

lustreIf you have acne or spots, you have probably noticed that your skin improves after exposure to the sun. However, sunlight also contains ultraviolet (UVA-UVB) light which can damage skin and even cause skin cancer. In addition, finding time to expose your skin to the sun daily and year round is almost impossible.

The Lustre Pure Light technology harnesses the safe, natural blue part of the light spectrum to eliminate spot-causing bacteria, while also being gentle on skin. Blue light has been used by dermatologists for many years to treat acne. Scientists have found that visible blue light at a wavelength of 420 nm does not cause damage to the skin but is effective in killing P. acnes, the bacteria which causes acne.

The Lustre Pure Light can be used on its own. However, it is recommended to be used alongside treatments designed to reduce the oiliness of the skin through intense exfoliation, such as chemical peels. It can also be used alongside Dermaroller micro-needling which improves the skin condition and/or medication.

This is a medically supervised acne treatment and is available at Dr Barbara Kubicka’s clinic in Belgravia, London.

How It Works

  1. Acne TreatmentSpot causing bacteria, P. acnes produce a chemical called Porphyrin. When safe natural visible blue light at 420 nm is shone onto the skin the Porphyrins produced by the spot causing bacteria become excited
  2. The Porphyrins then attach to the spot causing bacteria and begin to destroy it
  3. Acne TreatmentWhen the spot causing bacteria P. acnes have been destroyed acne begins to clear. Continued blue light use can help reduce P. acnes growth and stop new spots forming.

Clinical trials have proven that when safe natural visible blue light at 420 nm is shone onto the skin there is no harm to the skin itself, but the Porphyrins produced by the spot causing bacteria become excited.


How it Works – Video

acne treatment lightUsing Lustre Pure Light

Lustre Pure Light is a small, rechargeable product with slim, flexible therapy heads which target problem areas by tackling the bacteria that cause acne and spots. The device is portable and treatment is delivered while the product is worn, making it a very easy treatment to use at home. It is the only wearable acne treatment device, making it easy to accommodate in patients’ daily lives.

Patient Testimonial – Helen Aged 24

Treatment Results – Before and After Photos

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

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