BOTOX® and Young Women

Studies show that the majority of women undergoing BOTOX® treatments are aged between 35 and 50; but latest studies show that the number of young ladies plumping for BOTOX® is also on the increase.

Such women have cottoned on to the fact that this treatment’s not simply a cure. Of course, many people view BOTOX® as an antidote to ageing, but you needn’t wait till deep lines and wrinkles have decided to form on your face.

Indeed, doctors affirm that the sooner a patient begins their anti-ageing treatment, the less likely it is that thick lines will have the opportunity to settle; furthermore, if the patient is indeed prone to wrinkles as they begin to age, the lines will be less difficult to erase in the future.

BOTOX® Injections are a prevention, not simply a solution to crow’s feet.

In the US, this is a relatively common occurrence: last year, almost 15% of BOTOX® users were aged between 19 and 34, and the majority were located in celebrity-obsessed California. Doctors usually find their youngest patients in their twenties, but come prom time, beauty queens have been known to opt for an injection or two beforehand. Although it is proven that the purified protein reduces the activity of muscles, therefore lessening the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, young women opting for BOTOX® are still seen as making a media-influenced choice.

However, a Beverly Hills doctor initiated a study 13 years ago, asking two 25 year-old twin sisters to help with clearing up the facts. Now at 38, the results of the study have been published, showing that the two sisters are now dramatically divergent in their looks. The sister who underwent treatment does not bear any noticeable lines, but her twin’s wrinkles have become much more prominent without treatment. So there it is: this anti-ageing injectable may be media-influenced, but it’s stopping wrinkles in their tracks nonetheless.

BOTOX® in Belgravia

For patients in the Chelsea, Knightsbridge or London area, Dr Barbara Kubicka offers BOTOX® treatment as a speciality in her new Belgravia clinic, based on West Halkin Street.

Treatment costs from £250 per area and the most popular areas are the forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.