Look Good, Feel Great

Dr Kubicka practises aesthetic medicine, but beauty is more than skin deep. Dr Kubicka firmly believes that how you look powerfully and fundamentally influences how you feel.

Look Good, Feel Great!

The two concepts are so closely interrelated

  • People who feel good, look great!
    • Radiating confidence and self-assurance
    • Holding a good posture, head held high
    • Smiling more
    • All of these are highly attractive traits and improve the way you are perceived by others
  • People who look good, feel great too!
    • Wearing a new dress, walking out of the hair salon, putting on lipstick…
    • Even little changes to your appearance can give a person a boost
    • Investing a little time and money in yourself and your appearance helps you to feel better
    • In addition, others will notice the changes too, influencing their opinions and perceptions

Of course, we’re not advocating cosmetic treatments as a cure for serious clinical conditions. However, viewing cosmetic and medical skincare treatments as part of your personal well-being care is very acceptable.

Even subtle improvements to your appearance using cosmetic anti-ageing treatments really can help in many aspects of our patients lives, from professional career to relationships and love life.

The same goes for tackling embarrassing skin conditions such as excessive sweating, acne or visible facial veins. Improving these conditions can be very liberating and release a whole new confidence.

Dr Kubicka’s professional philosophy embraces the idea that “by improving people’s appearance you enhance their self esteem” and that “Beauty is a very subjective value, but charm and confidence is recognised and admired by everyone.”

Confidential and Discreet

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