Patient Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews

Dr Barbara Kubicka has treated literally thousands of patients over the years. A few have shared their experience in the form of testimonials, reviews and feedback. Feel free to browse their reviews below.

If you have visited Dr Barbara Kubicka and would be happy to share your review, please contact us on drb@drbarbarakubicka.co.uk. We will not share your images without consent and will not use your full name.


“Dr Barbara Kubicka I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing treatment you did for me…

“I swear it’s taken 10 years away and I have had so many compliments on how good I look …I have recommended you to everyone ..thank you again xx”

T.Ryan, London – BOTOX® and Fillers

“I just wanted to thank you for the services, it is the first time I have had the treatment with no bruising and I am thrilled with the subtle impact on my appearance.”

Jade – BOTOX® and Fillers

“I have been visiting Barbara for just over a year for botox and fillers.  I have found the results to be very satisfactory and the procedures pain free.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Barbara and her clinic and I for one will be a patient for a very long time.”


“Dr Kubicka gives professional and impartial advice. I would recommend her to anyone.”

CP, Essex – BOTOX®

“I was recommended to see Barbara for BOTOX® and can honestly say that it was the most painless procedure I’ve ever had (I’m a veteran user..).  I’ve since tried other needle based rejuvenations with her and have been so impressed with the results that I would never see anyone else. I can’t recommend Barbara highly enough.”

GH, Esher – Fillers and BOTOX®

“Dr Kubicka’s talent for naturalness is all apparent when you meet her, she understood what I wanted from the outset; a natural rejuvenation, which she tackled with various different filler types and botox . The results are outstanding. When I look in the mirror I see me, only with beautiful crease free radiant skin, it is me; how I used to be.  Amazing.”

Cindy – Lip Enhancement

“I LOVE my lips, you have done the most amaaaaaaaaaazing job and I so can’t wait for my top up not to make them necessarily bigger but to keep them nice and youthful for longer. You are a magician and I’m so, so happy about having them done. I look forward to seeing you”


“Dr. Kubicka is warm, friendly and professional. She has made me feel ten years younger”


“Barbara has an amazing talent and she has gone beyond my expectations meeting my individual needs visually and emotionally. She has made me look less tired, fresher and very natural. I look and feel great! Thank you.”

S. G.

“Thank you so much – I am delighted with my treatment! You’ve been so kind yet very professional. I knew I was in safe hands. And the results are exactly what I wanted – everyone keeps telling me how good I look! Thank you”