Skin Treatments

Cosmetic and Medical Skin Expertise:

Having specialised in cosmetic treatments, Dr Barbara Kubicka offers not only the benefit of 2 years intensive training in Paris, but also extensive experience in practice, with literally thousands of patients treated.

She is renowned for a natural, subtle, yet beautiful and highly effective approach to cosmetic treatments.

Treatments for Men:

Cosmetic treatments for men are one of the fastest growing areas of the industry, with more and more men discovering the benefits of treatments, whether their goal is looking younger to enhance their professional careers or tackling a specific problem such as excessive sweating.

Dr Barbara Kubicka treats a significant number of male patients and understands the very different anatomical issues.  Spending time with every patient to understand their reasons for treatment as well as their expectations means that she is able to deliver the right results every time, so that patients are pleased to return to maintain the benefits.

Popular treatments include botox anti-wrinkle injections and hyperhidrosis treatment.

Treatments for Women:

The primary goal for women patients is usually rejuvenation, seeking to hold back the years and tackle the effects of sun damage.

Dr Barbara Kubicka is known for beautiful results in her treatments, which enhance the patient’s own appearance while tackling any lines and wrinkles.

She also offers subtle injectable reshaping, which can be used to raise the profile of cheekbones, fill facial hollows or even offer a non-surgical nose reshaping.

While botox is probably the most popular treatment, dermal fillers are also widely used for filling out creases or plumping the lips, while treatments such as mesotherapy or dermaroller stimulate the skin to improve from within by boosting collagen production.

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