Exclusive Treatments

Dr Kubicka is renowned for her own innovations in aesthetic treatments for younger skin and hair.  

PDO Threads

PDO Threads are not just for lifting – the latest generation of threads can also be used for stimulating the facial, neck and decolletage tissues for a highly effective and rejuvenation treatment with far-reaching and long-lasting effects.

Dr Barbara Kubicka was one of the first to embrace the potential for using PDO threads in a variety of situations, making the most of the versatility of the treatment.

Potential benefits of PDO thread treatment include:



  • Non-surgical face lift
  • Brow lift/eyebrow lift
  • Mouth/smile lift
  • Neck lift
  • Decolletage lift
  • Smoother skin
  • Tighter skin 
  • Improved complexion 
  • Reduction in lines/wrinkles
  • Brighter and fresher-looking skin

Results are natural-looking from the outset and continue to improve thanks to the regeneration processes that are stimulated within the skin. 

The latest generation of threads are very fine and break down within the skin, so there is no concern about having to get them removed or adjusted in the future. 

The results last around 18 months after which time, treatment can be repeated as required.  

Due to a change in regulations in 2019, doctors offering PDO threads can only do so if their clinic is CQC registered. This has made PDO threads less widely available in the UK, but ensures that those offering them work to high clinical standards.

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To learn more about PDO threads and thread lifting, please contact us to book your private consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka. There’s no obligation to proceed, so it’s a great informal opportunity to have a detailed assessment and discuss what treatments may be right for you. Call us on 0207 125 0521 or email drb@drbarbarakubicka.co.uk.

Neck and JawLine Programme

At the forefront of developing new techniques to tackle the most challenging areas of anti-ageing medicine, Dr Kubicka has taken on the jawline and neck area.

While botox and fillers are quite widely and effectively used to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles; very often it is the neck and jawline that give away signs of ageing.

With age, the jawline can start to become less sharp and distinct and even take on a loose or saggy appearance. The neck can also give away the years as skin starts to hang looser and deep folds and creases can appear, so that on close inspection, necks that look as much as 20 years older than people’s faces.

Creams and serums can moisturise and soften the skin, but do little to tighten it up again. Many even contemplate surgery.

Exclusive Neck and JawLine Programme

Dr Barbara Kubicka has now developed a unique tailor-made treatment plan to lift and tighten the jaw-line and neck area.

She explains:

“I had a number of patients, predominantly ladies over 45, who were delighted with the results of anti-ageing injections for tackling the lines and wrinkles on their faces. However, they found that their necks were betraying their years, looking saggy and heavy, while the ‘softness’ around the jaw also made them look less youthful.”

“As a firm believer in the power of non-surgical treatments, I was keen to find a solution to intensively target and tackle this area for my patients.”

What it Includes

The revolutionary “Neck and JawLine Programme” combines a number of carefully chosen complementary non-surgical treatment options.

  • 2 sessions of “Sculptra” deep injectable fillers
  • 3 sessions of Dermaroller micro-needling treatment which works deep within the skin, boosting the production of collagen for a long-lasting and entirely natural rejuvenation effect
  • Professional NeoStrata® chemical peel to exfoliate the surface layer of skin, revealing brighter, fresher, newer skin beneath and promoting the body’s own production of new skin cells
  •  NeoStrata® home neck care product to complement, continue and extend the treatment programme

The result is to lift and smooth tired neck skin, while also working to tighten and redefine the jaw-line.

The “Neck and JawLine Programme” is exclusive to Dr Barbara Kubicka.

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To learn more about the Neck and JawLine Programme, please contact us to book your private consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka. There’s no obligation to proceed, so it’s a great informal opportunity to have a detailed assessment and discuss what treatments may be right for you. Call us on 0207 125 0521 or email drb@drbarbarakubicka.co.uk.


Exclusive Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Alert and fresh eyes show health and vitality; while tired-looking or hollow eyes can be particularly ageing.

The eye area is notoriously difficult as it is so delicate.  That’s why your eyes are so quick to show age and fatigue, as well as emotion.

Problems may include:

  • Dark circles
  • Hollows under, around or over the eyes
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Crow’s feet
  • Laughter lines
  • Lower eyebrows
  • Saggy eyebrows or general saggy eye area
  • Fat eye bags
  • Droopy eye bags

However, help is at hand.  Dr Barbara Kubicka has created a unique and exclusive treatment which works to rejuvenate the eye area.  The plan is completely non-surgical, but delivers amazing results.


Dr Barbara Kubicka’s revolutionary Eyedealise Treatment carefully combines a number of treatment options to create a tailor-made plan for each patient to tackle the eye area.

The exact treatment is literally created to suit each patient’s own needs.  Treatments may include:

  • Dermal fillers to tackle deep lines or restore lost volume (e.g. hollows below the eyes)
  • Mesotherapy to rehydrate and revitalise the skin from within, improving it’s texture, quality and strength
  • BOTOX® anti-wrinkle injections are used to gently erase crow’s feet or laughter lines
  • Eyelash growth stimulation treatment is used, to promote thicker, longer, stronger lashes and really make the eye area come alive

Dr Barbara Kubicka said:

“The results of the Eyedealise eye rejuvenation treatment are amazingly natural and can bring back more youthful, sparkly, open and attractive eyes. Patients cannot believe that this is possible without surgery, but it is!”

“Triple Synergy” Hair Loss System

Understanding Hair Loss

No matter what age you are, losing your hair can be troubling and cause embarrassment.

However, as hair loss is often associated with older men, it can be all the more distressing for younger patients and/or women, who can struggle with the impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

The statistics show that if you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone:

Hair Loss Facts

  • Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss – actually 70% of adult males will experience it during their lifetime
  • 1 in 4 men start losing their hair before they turn 20
  • Female Hair Loss affects around 30% of women during their lifetime

Hair loss is not just a physical phenomenon, it affects the way a person sees themselves and the way others perceive them.

Exclusive “Triple Synergy” Hair System

As a medical doctor with special interest in dermatology and trichology, Dr Barbara Kubicka works with a number of patients to preserve their hair and stall the hair loss process.

She has created an exclusive system for treating hair loss, which is effective in both men and women.

The “Triple Synergy” system harnesses the potent benefits of 3 different treatments to create a greater impact and result for the patient: vitamin injections, mesotherapy and topical home treatment which complements the clinic sessions.

This unique combination of treatments is specially devised to stimulate the natural production of healthy hair, stemming the hair loss process. As a natural non-surgical approach, it enables patients to see good results while avoiding the cost and risk attached to a follicular unit hair transplant.

“Triple Synergy” Hair System Components

1. Vitamin Injections

Vitamins are important for cell growth as well as other metabolic reactions and can be potentially helpful as a dietary supplement to replenish the body’s levels, which can help strengthen hair (as well as nails).

While vitamins may be found in certain specialised hair and skin products, these tend to only allow topical (external) application. Dr Barbara Kubicka pursues a more innovative and direct approach, injecting vitamins directly intramuscular, where they can be most readily absorbed and serve the most immediate benefit in promoting good hair growth.

2. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a more innovative and direct approach to stimulating hair growth.

The procedure involves injecting miniscule quantities of specially chosen solution directly into the scalp where it goes straight to the “root of the problem”, adding vital nutrients and minerals; stimulating the growth of strong hair.

3. Topical Minoxidil Treatment:

The triple synergy hair system is completed with topical home treatment which complements the mesotherapy and vitamin injections for a comprehensive treatment programme. Minoxidil is applied to the scalp on a regular basis. It works by helping the blood flow to the hair follicles and increasing follicular size and hair shaft diameter, stimulating and prolonging hair growth.

Unique and Exclusive Programme

Dr Kubicka’s careful combination of treatments is unique and exclusive. This treatment is available in her Belgravia clinic and involves home medication as well as clinic therapy sessions.

Please contact us for more information about hair loss treatments with Dr Barbara Kubicka or to request a private consultation. Call 0207 125 0521 or email drb@drbarbarakubicka.co.uk.


Mesotherapy Injections or Micro-Needling

Exclusive to Dr Barbara Kubicka, MesoPeptides treatment delivers a careful blend of vitamins, minerals, peptides and plant extracts right to the skin.

The skin is prepared using either microneedling or mesotherapy (tiny injections), so that the formulation can be delivered beneath the surface of the skin to its ‘meso’ or middle layer, where it can be absorbed deeply to be of most value. The formula is chosen according to the individual patient’s needs and skin concerns. Each contains active ingredients designed to stimulate healing and other vital responses.

MesoPeptide formulation options include:

  • JUVE 6 SAR – ‘Skin anti-ageing and repair’ – which works to reduce lines and wrinkles as well as improving the overall condition of the skin
  • JUVE E SCP – ‘Skin clean purification’ – ideal for patients who struggle with acne or excess oiliness, this formula promotes healing, reduces excessive oil production and keeps skin tighter and clearer
  • JUVE 6 SWB  ‘Skin White Brightener’ – clients with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone can benefit from this specially blended formula which lightens hyperpigmentation, suppresses further pigment stimulation and promotes good skin tone
  • JUVE 6 LBH – ‘Long Black Hair’ formula – support for healthy hair and roots, working to reduce premature shedding and stimulate new hair growth

As with all our treatments, a private consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka is recommended in the first instance for a full professional diagnosis, medical examination and discussion of the treatment options.

Treatment sessions take around an hour. Patients can expect to see a noticable improvement after the first session, but a course of 3 or 6 is usually advised for best results.


Reducing Discoloration

hyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is a condition where the skin becomes darker in certain areas due to an increase in melanin.  It can be caused by sun-damage, acne, inflammation or other skin injuries.  It also becomes more common with age, as the body is less able to regulate production of melanin.

While Hyperpigmentation may be medically of little concern, it often appears in very prominent areas such as the face, chest, hands or arms.  Here, a dark patch or red area becomes very obvious and can be very difficult to hide with clothing or make-up.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation will depend on the nature of the discoloration.  However, Dr Barbara Kubicka offers a number of treatment options which may be used alone or in combination for best results.  These may include:

  • Chemical peel – for deep exfoliation and skin conditioning
  • Dermaroller – boosting the skin’s own healing mechanisms
  • Mesotherapy – micro injections of active ingredients deep into the skin

It is important to receive professional advice before embarking on any treatment.  As with all our treatments, a private consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka is recommended in the first instance for a full professional diagnosis, medical examination and discussion of the treatment options.