“Protox” – The Professional’s Choice for BOTOX?

“Protox” – some may have heard of it, but many won’t have.  This term is a new catchword to describe a use of BOTOX® for professionals who need to hide their emotions in their careers, such as lawyers or top negotiators for example.  With awareness of the power of BOTOX® now very widespread, aesthetic doctors are reporting a new interest in using the injections specifically in order to hide emotions and expression.

While the trend for use of BOTOX® in the UK is generally veering towards a naturally smooth anti-ageing look which preserves the patient’s capacity for facial expression; the “Protox” revolution is the exact opposite.

Leading Aesthetic Physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka, commented Patients wanting “Protox” are cleverly realising how BOTOX® can help them in their careers and their working lives.  Just as much as actors and actresses want to retain facial expression, professional negotiators find it useful to portray a calm, serene and unreadable exterior in their working lives. 

Protox is more about methodology and technique.  BOTOX® injections are very powerful, but the finished result is about the practitioner’s artistry and understanding of their patient’s requirements as well as their medical skill and knowledge of fine facial anatomy.  

It is vital for any patient to have a full discussion with their practitioner before embarking on any BOTOX® treatment to ensure they get the results that best suit them.”

Of course, the treatments is also just as effective in diminishing wrinkles and crows feet; a great skin treatment for anti-ageing – an added bonus of treatment for the professional who needs to look their best in the workplace.

BOTOX® injections cost from £250.  Prices increase, depending on how many areas are being treated.