Skin Peel – Treatment for Acne

Whether you suffer from bad acne, or simply get a few spots on your face every now and again, why not book yourself in for a skin peel, also known as a chemical peel?

This form of skin treatment is non-surgical and has recently been in the news as a result of not only helping to rid acne sufferers of spots, but also to rid sufferers of oily skin and acne scarring, too.

Skin peels, or chemical peels, involve the removal of dead skin, which in turn improves the appearance of the complexion. With several different intensities of peels (mild, medium, and deep), no matter what age the skin is, a peel will help it look younger, fresher and smoother again. It’s therefore not only a great treatment for acne and scars, but a great anti-ageing treatment, too.

Skin peel treatment is offered by many clinics up and down the country, with Dr Barbara Kubicka specialising in this treatment in Belgravia, London; offering Obagi and RetinA peels. Dr. Barbara Kubicka also recommends this form of treatment for sun damaged or pigmented skin.

Peels are a great treatment to soften and improve the appearance of the skin for acne, scars, sun damage and fine lines.  However, a chemical peel not the treatment to use if you’re looking to tackle deeper lines, such as crow’s feet. Instead, BOTOX® is a specialist wrinkle treatment and will help your face to look youthful again.

For truly great results, BOTOX® injections are as much an art as a medical practice.  Choosing an expert practitioner is vital to getting the youthful yet natural results that you are looking for. Dr Barbara Kubicka is hailed as one of the best practitioners of her generation and is now practising in her new clinic in Belgravia.