Stronger, thicker, longer eyelashes – what every woman wants!

eyelash treatmentStronger, thicker, longer lashes are the way forward without a doubt, making your eyes appear more open and attractive.  This is not a new fashion – imagine Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, fluttering those pretty lashes fifty or more years ago.

So how do we get longer lashes ourselves?  Applying coats and coats of mascara to your eyelashes can simply make them clumpy and so dry that they even fall out.  Equally, false lashes can look pretty unsightly, especially when they are too thick or long, or start to peel off.

The ideal solution would be an eyelash treatment that really makes the natural eyelashes grow thicker, longer and stronger; but unfortunately many women are not even aware that such a thing exists, what options are available and where to find it.

Eyelash treatments are now much more widely available that they were five or so years ago, even though long eyelashes have always been fashionable.

Helping women to feel both attractive and feminine, there’s no better place to have an eyelash treatment than at Dr Barbara Kubicka’s aesthetic medical clinic, located in Belgravia, London.  Dr Kubicka’s eyelash treatment is particularly popular, meaning patients can say goodbye to false eyelashes for once and for all.  After a detailed consultation with Barbara herself, once treatment is underway you can expect luscious lashes, making you feel feminine and confident enough to go fluttering your new eyelashes.

Dr Barbara Kubicka carries out a wide range of different cosmetic treatments each and every day, including Botox®, fillers and peels.

When undergoing any type of treatment at Barbara’s clinic, you can be sure of being well looked after. Living by the mantra of ‘the result you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you put in’, Barbara is committed to giving her clients the very best customer service. Being passionate about not only medicine, but about art too, working in the beauty industry allows her to combine both. Using her skills to bring out the best in her clients, no one embraces challenge like Barbara does, and as a result, she has many clients that take her up on her services time and time again.

Dr Barbara Kubicka’s clinic is based in the heart of Belgravia at 9a West Halkin Street Belgravia, London, SW1X 8JL.  Appointments can be arranged by calling 0207 352 6803.