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Reducing Discoloration

hyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is a condition where the skin becomes darker in certain areas due to an increase in melanin.  It can be caused by sun-damage, acne, inflammation or other skin injuries.  It also becomes more common with age, as the body is less able to regulate production of melanin.

While Hyperpigmentation may be medically of little concern, it often appears in very prominent areas such as the face, chest, hands or arms.  Here, a dark patch or red area becomes very obvious and can be very difficult to hide with clothing or make-up.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation will depend on the nature of the discoloration.  However, Dr Barbara Kubicka offers a number of treatment options which may be used alone or in combination for best results.  These may include:

  • Chemical peel – for deep exfoliation and skin conditioning
  • Dermaroller – boosting the skin’s own healing mechanisms
  • Mesotherapy – micro injections of active ingredients deep into the skin

It is important to receive professional advice before embarking on any treatment.  As with all our treatments, a private consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka is recommended in the first instance for a full professional diagnosis, medical examination and discussion of the treatment options.